Prairie Design Build chosen as the contractor for the new Culinary Center

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Our Culinary Center Is Getting Sustainable & Healthy

Prairie Design Build is a local design/build company that has demonstrated its ability to push the boundaries of what it means to build. With the mission statement “to build the best product, have compassion for the well-being of others, and lead the search for solutions to the environmental crisis,” we couldn’t think of a better company to join us on our Culinary Center journey. 



On the farm we practice sustainability through organic agriculture practices while our youth learn about composting, animal husbandry, and stewardship of the land. Through our partnership with Prairie Design Build we will be building a Culinary Center that aligns with our farm sustainability ethic. Our new Culinary Center will consume 85-90% less energy and will be one of only 250 buildings in the United States to meet this energy efficient Passive House standard. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition, outdoor activity, and soft skills are all key components of how we teach our youth about being healthy on the BoysGrow farm. With our new Culinary Center, this idea of health will be wrapped into the design and build process to achieve a healthy indoor interior for our youth, our staff, and our guests. The new Culinary Center will clean the indoor air, removing 99% of contaminants like road dust and pollen. It will also be extremely mold resistant because of the smart vapor barrier that Prairie Design Build will use, which will ensure the health of our youth and also greatly improve the durability of our Culinary Center structure. 

Help us Build our Culinary Center & Support Health, Sustainability, and Wellbeing for our youth for years to come.

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